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What is You4Peace?

A platform dedicated to peace. A manifesto for peace. The space where children and young people from all over the world upload their works against the war. Be part of the common voice demanding an end to the war in Ukraine and from all conflict zones.

Where did we start from?

Galia is a nine-year-old Ukrainian girl who wrote a letter to her war-victim mother on Women’s Day 2022, March 8th . We were moved by her letter and we wanted to offer a place where the voices of all children against violence and war could be heard.

The first manifesto

”Mom, this letter is your present. If you think that you nurtured me for no reason, you are not right. Thank you for the 9 years of my life. Thank you so much for my childhood. You are the best mother in the world! I will never forget you! I wish you happiness in heaven. I wish you to go to heaven. We will meet in heaven. I will try to behave myself to go to heaven. Kissing you!” This is the touching letter written by Galia to her mother killed in the war. It went around the world after it was read by the Ukrainian ambassador Serghiy Kisliția during a United Nations Security Council meeting.

From whom do we expect works?

From children and young people around the world who want peace. Whether or not you are directly affected by a war, create your own manifesto for peace! Make your voice heard!

Children and young people from Ukraine.

We are with the children and young people most affected by the war in Ukraine. Register your works and show the world how important peace is and how much harm a war can bring.

What kind of works?


Texts (essays, poems, letters, stories, etc.), Drawings & Paintings, Photographs, Short video materials. Any work that is a manifesto for peace / manifesto against war that you want to publish.

Awarded pieces of work


Together with our partners, we want to offer prizes for as many works as possible. Let’s create together the largest online exhibition for peace. Get involved! Submit your work.

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